Inspire ● Mentor

Empower ● Support

GFF - a non-profit, was founded to create opportunities, reduce fatherhood disparities, and help fathers (immigrant) with their unexpected transition to fatherhood, new environment by offering some guidance to meeting daily life challenges from an experienced coach, and a role model and make men voices heard.

3 years later, GFF legacy continues as more people trust the knowledge and experience of GFF advocate for information , community engagement, fatherhood involvement, advocacy, and education.


Global Fatherhood Foundation (GFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Compliance with IRS exempt status.

As a whole there is a compelling need for an organization whose sole focus is to inspire, mentor, empower, and support gender equity on this area.

Global Fatherhood Foundation meets that criteria. Doing nothing is not an option. Fatherhood is derailed by losing identity and by bring all fathers together we have an enormous duty and wisdom to pass to the next generation.

The fatherhood transformation is going across barriers and different cultures in order to strive we have to work together.

As fathers we have an enormous duty and wisdom to pass to the next generation