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Global Fatherhood Foundation (GFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Compliance with IRS exempt status.

We create opportunities, reduce fatherhood disparities, and help fathers (immigrant) with their unexpected transition to fatherhood, new environment by offering some guidance to meeting daily life challenges from an experienced coach, and a role model and make men voices heard.

Since 2016, the GFF legacy continues as more people trust the knowledge and experience of GFF advocate for information , community engagement, fatherhood involvement, advocacy, and education.

Why Global Fatherhood Foundation?

Global Fatherhood Foundation works to increase father involvement by equipping communities and our partner human service organizations with the father engagement training, programs, and resources they need to be father-inclusive....

Since 2021 we re-imagined our mission to include diversity to health and vaccine equity, career and workforce readiness rent assistance and community housing stability, our target participants are below the 150-200% federal Poverty guideline. We work with both local, and global partner’s

While they say fatherhood is evolving and insulated with a thin layer of hope, fatherhood can still point us in the right direction. The magical reins of fatherhood cannot be taken away quickly. But is it accurate to say the global establishment is failing fatherhood? Are we living under the cultural delusion that fatherhood is dispensable?

Fatherhood is the single biggest dilemma facing the global world, and we face impeccable issues that must be addressed.

In this conversation, we need more fatherhood-doers to stand up and join the movement. We call it a fatherhood revolution. There are so many notions that fatherhood is excellent, and fathers have this special connection to build momentum. We can raise the above. Can we revive fatherhood and rediscover the unlimited possibilities that go beyond in making fatherhood an incredible feat? The serenity of fatherhood is a great blessing and, indeed, an asset.

As fatherhood unlocks the fullness of life, it is sired with impeccable challenges which open new chain frontiers. Fatherhood is daring and goes beyond natural distinction. Fatherhood has an identity and passionate cortex circling the universe. Fatherhood is a life-changing event and goes beyond to discover the unlimited possibilities we men can offer.

We have explored various bold claims that impact fatherhood throughout our existence, and we welcome you to navigate with us.

Let us begin by saying the story of the fatherhood movement is a classic journey. A journey of pain and a journey of success. This is a strategic journey that defines fatherhood and calls all fathers to work together to build a community that currently navigates in increasing multicultural circles. The foundation has to start with us.

As global fathers, we are multi-connected with a chain of supply lines connected with good breaks and creativity. As fatherhood doers, we can match across the globe, unlock fatherhood's purpose in every continent, and engage ourselves in learning. A fatherhood doer takes the fatherhood initiative very seriously to a different level by initiating engagement with a purpose and mentoring.

Are you a fatherhood doer?

Then stand out TODAY.

Let us point this out. A fatherhood doer is dynamic and works hard to support their family and spend time together. A fatherhood-doer is devoted to much greater power and adds value to the community. Most fatherhood-doers don't get recognized by the community. They work behind the curtains to put the ideals of fatherhood into motion so the community can prosper. A doer empowers other men to stand up to the challenge and be successful, provides excellent support, and is a faithful servant to your success. Yes, he is a more extraordinary listener and encourages you to overcome challenges.

While fatherhood is beyond a measured professional and areas of expertise, a doer provides a platform for helping other fathers go through transformations and help other fathers navigate through the harsh terrain. It's a very fulfilling experience that honors fatherhood. Believe it, I confess to you, and fatherhood is the most successful job in the world, which changes the life of another human being. A call it a chance to experience greatness.

A doer might not have an answer to everything, but they are visionaries and catalysts of motivation. They have driven reason to add value to other fathers' life.

However, while Fathers need a dosage of driven motivation, the journey is filled with many hidden or unforeseen challenges. Have you ever walked on frozen snow? With the right shoes, every moment of the journey becomes easy. A right-doer will seek tools or another fatherhood mentor to correct a specific defect. A mentor can also be a training partner.

While fatherhood is an instinct, it has evolved many times over different generations. We live under a cultural delusion that fatherhood is perfect and society puts a measurable high level of expectations. Does it mean I am a good father if I drive an expensive car? What about a father who drives a battered car? Going skills will determine if you're a safe driver. Now, while most fathers are employed and are good citizens, it is often their failures to provide as providers or emotional support that society will put a judgment on us.

Fatherhood is the single biggest family dilemma facing today's global world. We are in the spotlight every day. Fatherhood is going through a recipe for disasters in some parts of the world, so many fathers are tortured, and their rights are violated. Discrimination denies many fathers economic opportunities, yet society expects men to shoulder their responsibilities. The current global systems and government establishments are judgmental and corrupt, and laws are one-sided. Fatherhood is not a liability. We want our voices to be heard.

Despite any crisis, a doer rebuilds. A doer's role is like a job interview. It's a lifetime obligation. Father-doers bring talent giants to our TV screen. At the same time, doors are focused and very realistic. Fixing the mistake is better than doing nothing. You, unfortunately, should not make you a bad father.

Nevertheless, a real doer is a model citizen who incorporates the highlights of responsibility and sacrifice. Many chains of social events can be eliminated if fatherhood is nurtured and the community gets not judge fathers not harshly.

What Is

Your Purpose

As a Father?

Do you know new studies suggest that having a sense of purpose makes dads healthier, happier, and stronger in the face of challenges we're all facing?

Sooner or later, our kids will make us suffer...

When they’re babies, their crying keeps us up at night. Later, their teenage shenanigans might rob us of more sleep. Some of us stay at jobs we hate so that our kids will never have to wonder where their next meal will come from. We can battle with our co-parents over issues like housework and discipline, testing love we might have once thought would last forever.

These stresses and sacrifices can be painful, but studies are finding one thing that can help us to weather them: a sense of purpose. That is to say, our long-term, meaningful goals as fathers.

A sense of purpose shapes day-to-day goals and behavior. Seeing a destination on the horizon helps us to lift our eyes over the dirty dishes and temper tantrums, to a future that is better than the present. Purpose makes that pile of dishes matter. It reminds us that we matter, if only to our kids. Purpose keeps us at home with them when we wish we were elsewhere.

While purposes can vary, recent studies suggest that just having one is good for you and your family. So, what does purpose look like in a father’s life? How can you find your purpose as a father? These are existential questions that every man must answer for himself. But research does provide some insights to help us understand ourselves better—and see the fathers we want to become.

The evolution of purpose

The chances are good that your purpose is different from the one held by your own father and grandfathers. Scholars say that fathers of previous generations saw their purpose as financially supporting their families and providing discipline to their children. Some saw themselves as leaders and role models for their families, especially when it came to religious instruction. Inherent in these missions is a sense of authority, which could sometimes become authoritarianism— “the enforcement of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom,” as the dictionary says.

As a group, today’s fathers see their role somewhat differently.

For more than a century, the number of women in the workforce has steadily increased. Today, there are roughly as many women as men working for pay—though men still tend to make considerably more money than their female coworkers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What does this have to do with purpose? As women made more money, men’s participation at home started climbing. Today’s dads are spending much more time with their children than did their fathers. Moreover, the United States has become increasingly diverse. Immigrants have brought new conceptions of fatherhood to America. Fathers of color face challenges that are shaping their sense of purpose.

As a result of these developments, many fathers today add “nurturing” to their purpose, along with “providing.” In a discussion I hosted on my Facebook wall, a number of dads said their purpose was to be better than their fathers—and to raise kids who would be better than them. What they meant by this, more often than not, was to be physically and emotionally present in the lives of their children.

Who is Global Fatherhood Foundation?

Global Fatherhood Foundation is based in Brooklyn Park, Hennepin County MN, is a lifetime advocate and mentor whose passion is to empower men, especially those in immigrant communities to have a voice and speak out on issues that have an impact on their roe as fathers...

We encourage fathers to enroll in a responsible fatherhood program and to maintain their participation rather than learning how to be a better father and parent (e.g., through increased knowledge of child development, child discipline, etc.).

Many fathers experience lacks income and racial disparities, spousal abandonment, unemployment, domestic abuse, unfair justice system, incarceration,

Focuses on Fathers who have been left out as historically, communities, government, international agencies and market strategies have had resources geared towards women causes and initiative. co-branded in partnership with other immigrant organizations in empowering fathers to have a voice, counseling and change systems within areas of different systems.