The key fundamental goal is to empathize, and create a

personal involvement, and a positive influence of an involved father.

As communities diversify and evolve working together, we also carry on our longstanding commitment to public policy changes that impact fatherhood.

Fatherhood as a community asset is experiencing a social paradigm.

Fatherhood is undergoing tremendous shifts in living standards, working conditions, children up bring, legal laws, education and failure to in a more permissive society.

While working alongside fathers and community partners to address issues that impact fathers that include: isolation from African culture, racism, divorce, loss of dignity and lack of respect, unfavorable immigration policy, difficulty in locating housing and jobs, work discrimination and limited granted access.

However, our board of directors invested in the sustainability of our mission by advancing the factors that make GFF unique:

• Experience and knowledge to serve and engage fathers of all cultures in our communities.

• Collaboration with partners to engage fathers in communities discussion, protect fatherhood and full inclusion.

• Engage fathers in children education by attending PTO meetings

• Engage fathers in racial disparities conversations and police profiling.

Fatherhood goes past intercultural.

At GFF we want all fathers including immigrant fathers to be part of a group with intervention around.

From a purely secular standpoint the health of a society can be measured by vitality of fatherhood.

Across the board most fatherless families are most likely to be in poverty and children by definition vulnerable.