GFF has at its discretion, per its constitution regarding charitable causes to which their grants can be directed to:

The fatherhood transformation is going across barriers and different cultures in order to strive we have to work together.

As fathers we have an enormous duty and wisdom to pass to the next generation.

Our goal in community engagement is constantly changing to fit the needs of the community:

• Men's Anonymous Program and Support/Counseling Initiative

• Men's Breakfast Meeting- change systems within different areas of influence

• 'Inner City Fatherhood Gallery' a collaboration of intensive fatherhood discussion, failures, and opportunities. Building fatherhood beyond race through a multicultural discussion.

• Single Women/son –Raising boy’s initiative Program.- "Are your Raising Your Son The Right Way to be a good male Role Model in the community other than the father''

• Challenges That Men Go Through''.- Racial, justice, police brutality and employment disparities.

• School Advocate Guidance Program: counsel on the benefits of completing high school, and in future continuing with college education.- Reduction of poverty

• Men and Sex Talk Seminar.-Sexual Responsibility and child support

• Transition of young fathers to fatherhood seminar to be called 'Fatherhood Global Summit'' The basic fundamentals of fatherhood

• Health and Safety—Mentoring negates bad behavior, and company. Encourage youth, to stay away from drugs

1. Through 'Rite of Passage'' or

2. 'Father-Children Dance''

• Partner with institutions to offer marriage counseling.

• Development of Fatherhood Manual

• Offer start up kits for new fathers or partner with organizations to offer training, and guidance workshop.

• Fatherhood Advisory Board.